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Study ranking the NFL's most loyal fans finds 2014-Nov-4

Study ranking the NFL's most loyal fans finds Dallas Cowboys really ARE America's Team


The Dallas Cowboys have worn the nickname 'America's http://www.nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Desmond-Trufant-Jersey.html Team' as a badge of honor for 35 years, and Tony Gonzalez Women Jersey now two university professors have given some academic weight to Steven Jackson Kids Jersey that title.


A study from Emory University in Atlanta found that the Cowboys, long a fixture on America's TV sets, have the most loyal Tony Gonzalez Kids Jersey fan base in the NFL.


The study measured fan attendance on game day and controlled for factors like the size and wealth of the market and whether fans still turn up when the team isn't performing so well on the field.


America's Team: A study Steven Jackson Red Jersey from Emory University found that the Dallas Cowboys have the most loyal fans in the NFL.


TEAMS WITH THE MOST LOYAL FANS IN THE NFLTEAMS WITH THE LEAST LOYAL FANS IN THE NFLFactors such as the size and the wealth of the market could also skew polls it's easier to fill a stadium of 82,000 in the New York area than it is to find 76,000 fans to pay to see a game in New Orleans, which is one sixteenth the size.


'What are keys to the Cowboys' ability to create a passionate and supportive fan base? We think it's a long legacy of success, a football mad Texas culture and a state of the art stadium,' the professors wrote.


'Over the last three seasons (the time period used to calculate fan equity) the Cowboys have played sub .500 football but generated above capacity attendance.'


The Oakland Raiders, who have suffered mediocrity for years, were ranked as having the least loyal fans in the nation


Perhaps the biggest surprise to come out of the Emory University survey isn't which teams are at the top of the list, but which ones aren't.


The Pittsburgh Steelers, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Greenbay Packers all have reputations for rabid, loyal fan bases.


But, the none of the teams nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Robert-Alford-Jersey.html fared especially well in the analysis. The Stealers ranked ninth overall, the Pack was barely above average at 14h place and the Eagles came in 17th.


'Professor Lewis grew up a Steelers fan in the 1970s so this was a bit of a painful result.


Nor has on the field success been a guarantee of fan loyalty. The Atlanta Falcons have made the playoffs four of the last five seasons, but they have the second lowest fan loyalty ranking.


Not even the distracting side show of the quarterback drama the New York Jets faced last year could keep fans away from MetLife Stadium. The team had the third most loyal fan base in the nation

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Top NFL Quarterbacks of All Time2014-Nov-4

Top NFL Quarterbacks of All Time


This article lists the top NFL quarterbacks of all time measured by career touchdown passes. Each quarterback's narrative includes his career touchdown passes, touchdown per attempt rate, touchdown interception ratio, and quarterback records unique to him. In this article, each player's entire body of work is included; that is to say, all statistics include regular and post season touchdowns, interceptions, and attempts. Preseason and Pro Bowl statistics are excluded.


After reading "Top NFL Quarterbacks of All Time: Career Touchdown Passes," return to his link to read "Top NFL Quarterbacks of All Time: Career Passing Yards," and "Top NFL Running Backs of All Time: Career Rushing Yards."


1. Top NFL Quarterbacks of All Time: Career Touchdown Passes Brett Favre


A 20 year NFL quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons (1991), Green Bay Packers (1992 2007), New York Jets (2008) and Matt Ryan Women Jersey Minnesota Vikings (2009 2010), Favre threw 563 touchdown passes in 11,318 attempts a touchdown pass every Roddy White Authentic Jersey 20.1 tries. Favre's touchdown to interception ratio is 1.5:1 (563/376).


Favre led the NFL in touchdown passes four times. He threw at least one touchdown in 249 NFL games, including 165 touchdowns of 20 yards or more.


2. Top NFL Quarterbacks of All Time: Career Touchdown Passes Dan Marino


A 17 year NFL quarterback with the Miami Dolphins from 1983 1999, Marino threw 450 touchdown passes in 9,045 attempts a touchdown pass every 20 tries. Marino's touchdown to interception ratio was 1.64:1 (450/274).


Marino is the only quarterback in NFL history to pass for 40 or more touchdowns in two separate seasons, including 56 during the 1984 85 season. He also threw 74 touchdowns on Monday Night Football, a standing NFL record.


3. Top NFL Quarterbacks of All Time: Career Touchdown Passes Peyton Manning


A 13 year NFL quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts (1998 present), Manning has thrown 428 touchdown passes in 7,928 attempts a touchdown pass every 19 tries.


Manning holds the NFL record for games (7) with five or more touchdown www.coltsnflprostore.com/Nike-Darius-Butler-Jersey.html passes. He is also one of just seven quarterbacks in NFL history to throw at least six touchdown passes in two separate games. Manning's touchdown to interception ratio www.nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Julio-Jones-Jersey.html is a remarkable 1.97:1 (428/217).


4. Top NFL Quarterbacks of All Time: Career Touchdown Passes Fran Tarkenton


An 18 year NFL quarterback with the Minnesota Vikings (1961 1966;1972 1978) and New York Giants (1967 1971), Tarkenton threw 353 touchdown passes in 6,759 attempts a touchdown pass every 19 tries. Tarkenton's touchdown to interception ratio was 1.25:1 (353/283).


At the time of his retirement, Tarkenton held the NFL career records for touchdown passes, pass attempts, completions, yardage, rushing yards by a quarterback, and wins by a starting quarterback.


5. Top NFL Quarterbacks of All Time: Career Touchdown Passes John Elway


A 16 year NFL quarterback with the Denver Broncos from 1983 1998, Elway threw 328 Matt Ryan Kids Jersey touchdown passes in 7,908 attempts a touchdown pass every 24 tries.


Elway's most celebrated touchdown pass was a five yard toss to wide receiver Mark Jackson which capped "The Drive" a fourth quarter, 15 play, 98 yard, game tying touchdown drive in the 1987 AFC Championship against the Cleveland Browns. Roddy White Kids Jersey Denver went on to win that game in overtime. Elway's touchdown to interception ratio was 1.33:1 (328/247).


6. Top NFL Quarterbacks of All Time: Career Touchdown Passes Joe Montana


A 16 year NFL quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers (1979 1992) and Kansas City Chiefs (1993 1994), Montana threw 312 touchdown passes in 6,125 attempts a touchdown pass every 20 tries. Montana's touchdown to interception ratio was an outstanding 1.95:1 (312/160).


At the time of his retirement, Montana held several NFL records, including: (1) 92.3 career passer rating; (2) postseason career touchdown passes; (3) most passing yards on Monday Night Football; and (4) two touchdown passes of more than 95 yards.


7. Top NFL Quarterbacks of All Time: Career Touchdown Passes Warren Moon


A 17 year NFL quarterback with the Houston Oilers (1984 1993), Minnesota Vikings (1994 1996), Seattle Seahawks (1997 1998), and Kansas City Chiefs (1999 2000), Moon threw 308 touchdown passes in 7,226 attempts a touchdown pass every 24 tries. Moon's touchdown to interception ratio was 1.25:1 (308/247).


Moon is the only player to be enshrined in both the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Canadian Football Hall of Fame.


At the time of his retirement, Moon held the record for most touchdown passes, pass completions, and pass attempts in professional football history.


8. Top NFL Quarterbacks of All Time: Career Touchdown Passes Tom Brady


An 11 year NFL quarterback with the New England Patriots (2000 2011), Brady has thrown 291 touchdown passes in 5,392 attempts a touchdown pass every 19 tries. Brady's touchdown to interception ratio is an amazing 2.44:1 (291/119).


Brady holds the NFL record for the most touchdowns thrown in a single season (56): 50 regular season TDs and 6 postseason scores.

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When Your Brain Makes Stuff Up2014-Nov-4

When Your Brain Makes Stuff Up


It easy enough to explain why we remember things: multiple regions of the brain particularly the hippocampus are devoted to the job. It easy to understand why we forget stuff too: there only so much any busy brain can handle. What trickier is what happens in between: Darius Butler Youth Jersey when we clearly remember things that simply never happened.


The phenomenon of false memories is common to everybody the party you certain you attended in high school, say, when you were actually home with the flu, but so many people have told you about it over the years that it made its way into your own memory cache. False memories can sometimes be a mere curiosity, but other times they have real implications. Innocent people have Darius Butler Kids Jersey gone to jail when well intentioned eyewitnesses testify to events that actually unfolded an entirely different way.


What long been a puzzle to memory scientists is whether some people may be more susceptible to false memories than others and, by extension, whether some people with exceptionally good memories may be immune to them. A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences answers both questions with a decisive no. False memories afflict everyone even people with the best memories of all.


(MORE: Creating False Memories in Mice Brains and Yours)


To conduct the study, a team led by psychologist Lawrence Patihis of the University of California, Irvine, recruited a sample group of people all of approximately the same age and divided them into two subgroups: those with ordinary memory and those with what is known as highly superior autobiographical memory (HSAM). You met people like that nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Matt-Ryan-Jersey.html before, and they can be downright eerie. They the ones who can tell you the exact date on which particular events happened whether in their own lives or in the news as well as all manner of minute additional details surrounding the event that most people would forget the second they happened.


To screen for HSAM, the researchers had all the subjects take a quiz that asked such questions as what date] did an Iraqi journalist hurl two shoes at President Bush? or public event occurred on Oct. 11, 2002? Those who excelled on that part of the screening would move to a second stage, in which they were given random, computer generated dates and asked to say the day of the week on which it fell, and to recall both a personal experience that occurred that day and a public event that could be verified with a search engine.


was a Monday, said one person asked about Oct. 19, 1987. was the day of the big stock market crash and the cellist Jacqueline du Pr died that day. That some pretty specific recall.


(MORE: This is Your Brain on Fairness)


In one, for example, the investigators spoke with the subjects about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and mentioned in passing the footage that had been captured of United Flight 93 crashing in Pennsylvania footage, of course, that does not exist. In both groups HSAM subjects and those with normal memories about 1 in 5 people seeing this footage when asked about it later.


just seemed like something was falling out of the sky, said one of the HSAM participants. was just, you know, kind of stunned by watching it, you know, go down. recall was also hazy. The scientists showed participants word lists, then removed the lists and tested the subjects on words that had and hadn been included. The lists all contained so called lures words that would make subjects think of other, related ones. The words pillow, duvetand nap, for example, might lead to a false memory of seeing the word sleep. All of the participants in both groups fell for the lures, with at least eight such errors per person though some tallied as many as 20. Both groups also performed unreliably when shown photographs and fed lures intended to make them think they seen details in the pictures they hadn Here too, the HSAM subjects cooked up as many fake images as the ordinary folks.


(MORE: Brett Favre Says He Has Memory Loss)


I love about the study is how it communicates something that memory distortion researchers have suspected for some time, that perhaps no one is immune to memory distortion, said Patihis.


What the study doesn do, Patihis admits, is explain why HSAM people exist at all. Their prodigious recall is a matter of scientific fact, and one of the goals of the new work was to see if an innate resistance to manufactured memories might be one of the reasons. But on that score, the researchers came up empty.


rules something out, Patihis said. individuals] probably reconstruct memories in the same way that ordinary people do. So now we have to think about how else we could explain it. He and otherswill continue Julio Jones Kids Jersey to look for that secret sauce that elevates superior recall over the ordinary kind. But for now, memory still appears to be fragile, malleable and prone to errors for all of us.


VIDEO: The Woman With No Memory


(An earlier version of this story said that 70% of the subjects had word lure mistakes. In fact, 100% of them had a minimum of eight mistakes each.)


The false memory plays to even a wider view in as far as what we remember especially from our childhood. It's long been known that what we think or how things unfolded never did or at the very least where not what really happen.


When you hear people say how they can remember back to when they where 5,6 and even 10 yeah some can, doesn't mean their memories are accurate to what actually happen or didn't happen.


The trick I think is to hang on to those 'precise' moments in our memories that are truly hard wired and accept that all the rest is possibly a 50/50 occurrence. Some want certain memories to be there for a variety of reasons. This has tremendous implications and calls into question the validity of everything we accept as doctrinal including famous historical figures, events, religious texts, etc. Is this just one more example of the fact that, despite our sense of confidence, humans really don't have a good handle on reality?


Considering the techniques used in questioning people one can no longer expect to rely on the memory of an "eye witness" as an unassailable piece of evidence.


Any cursory examination of trials of times gone by, which had an "eye witness" as the primary evidence that led to a conviction, which ended up convicting the WRONG PERSON will prove that this isn't anything new. I never trust an "eye witness", especially if they've repeated the story often. Because by then, you know for a fact, it's not quite what happened.


I did an experiment in critical thinking and logic class in college. In the middle Julio Jones Women Jersey of a presentation I was giving on logic and observation, I had a friend dressed in a gorilla suit run in, throw an orange up in the air, catch it in a frying pan and shout, "Death to all gnomes!" then run out. I was having the presentation taped and told them it was to improve my presentations for Public Speaking, but it was specifically to catch the action I had arranged.


Once my friend ran out, I had everyone stop and write down what they saw and heard. I didn't let anyone talk to anyone else. They wrote it all down and then I had them each read it out loud.


No one got it 100% right. None caught all the words at all. Two thirds heard "death". Most heard "homes" instead of "gnomes". More than half the class got the type of animal wrong. No one saw an orange (most thought it was a tennis ball. A nerf ball came in a close second). One person thought the frying pan was a catcher's mitt. Others swore they saw regular baseball mitts. Several didn't even notice anything being thrown or caught.


The closest someone got was "death", "gnomes", a frying pan catching something and a gorilla.


EVERYONE was convinced what they saw was what happened. I then played the video and shocked the hell out of them all.


And that had NO FALSE MEMORIES TO BEGIN WITH. This is what they thought they saw in the beginning. Nothing added. Nothing changed. One story www.nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Roddy-White-Jersey.html told once and everyone sincere in believing that what they reported was what happened.

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Le Vell 'delighted' at acquittals2014-Nov-4

Le Vell 'delighted' at acquittals


Coronation Street's Michael Le Vell said he was "delighted" and it was a "big weight off everyone's shoulders" after being cleared of child sex abuse charges.


The actor, 48, had maintained his innocence throughout and was acquitted of 12 child sex offences.


He heard the foreman of the jury deliver the not guilty verdicts to Paul Soliai Jersey a hushed and packed courtroom at the end of an eight day trial at Manchester Crown Court.


His accuser, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was not in court to hear the verdicts but the youngster http://www.nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Devin-Hester-Jersey.html had earlier sobbed as she claimed Le Vell, known to millions of TV fans as http://www.nflfalconsofficial.com/Nike-Tyson-Jackson-Jersey.html the soap's Kevin Webster, raped her as she clutched a teddy bear.


Her claims were dismissed by the jury after being described in court as "inconsistent, incoherent and unbelievable".


After walking free from court, Le Vell said he was "delighted" and thanked ITV for their "continued support throughout this traumatic time for all of us".


"It's a big weight off everyone's shoulders," he said.


"I might go and have a drink now."


Commenting after the verdicts, a spokeswoman for Coronation Street said: "We are looking forward to meeting with Michael to discuss his return to the programme."


Asked when he would return to Coronation Street, Le Vell replied: "I don't know, I might have a holiday first. I'll have to go and have a chat with my boss."


The actor, from Hale, Cheshire, who has been in the ITV soap for 30 years, faced 12 charges Jake Matthews Authentic Jersey in all five counts of rape, three of indecent assault, two counts of sexual activity with a child, and two of causing a child to engage in sexual activity.


Le Vell, on trial under his real name of Michael Turner, maintained his innocence throughout, telling police Paul Soliai Kids Jersey the girl's claims were "an absolute pack of lies" and the jury that he was "fighting for his life".


Le Vell mouthed "thank you" to the jury and raised his hand to them after he was cleared of each Jake Matthews Red Jersey of the 12 counts.


His brother and sisters, who sat in the public gallery, were in tears as the verdicts were delivered.


The jury deliberated for just short of five hours.


During the eight day trial, the "demons" in Le Vell's private life were laid bare his alcoholism and womanising while his wife battled breast cancer.

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Mike Smith expects Aaron Rodgers to play on Sunday2014-Nov-4

Mike Smith expects Aaron Rodgers to play on Sunday


Those words were spoken just a month after the Falcons came within a play of Anthony Barr Jersey the Super Bowl. The decision was made to give it another try, but that was lost in a sudden downturn this season and with four games remaining to be played this season, the youth movement has begun in Atlanta.


"We've became a younger team and a lot of it is based on salary cap. As you know, salary cap kind of defines how your team is put together. We became a younger football team and we've become even younger since the season started, in terms of certain positions with young guys who've had to step up. We've had some young college free agents who have shown they have the ability to be an NFL player, which is a positive. Your roster is ever changing and the dynamics of your team changes each and every year," Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith said on Wednesday, during a conference call with Packers media.


When this Sunday's game was scheduled, it was viewed as a possible NFC title game preview. The Falcons came within a play of winning last season's NFC title game. The Packers lost in the www.officialnflvikingsjerseys.com/Nike-Teddy-Bridgewater-Jersey.html divisional round of the playoffs to the team that would beat the Falcons, the 49ers.


Much has changed since this game was scheduled. The Falcons lost four of their first five games and then five in a row before winning in overtime at Buffalo last Sunday. The Packers, of course, are winless in their last five games and both teams will bring losing records into Lambeau Field on Sunday.


"I know we're both not having the season we'd like to have and what we anticipated having, but you have to keep going. That's what I think both teams are doing. I think you watch the tape and you see guys out there playing the game hard," Smith said.


Amidst major changes, one thing about the Falcons hasn't changed: Matt Ryan is still pitching touchdowns, 19 of them, in what has been another solid season for Ryan, despite having been sacked 30 times.


It's what has changed for the Packers that's the main issue this week: Will Aaron Rodgers step back under center for the first time since breaking his left collarbone on Nov. 4, which triggered a five game skid that plummeted the Packers out Anthony Barr Kids Jersey of first place in the NFC North and put them on the verge of being eliminated from realistic playoff contention, unless they defeat the Falcons.


"We're anticipating that he's going to play this week," Smith said of Rodgers. "I know there was some information that came out yesterday that said he wasn't cleared, but he was not ruled out. We're taking that (to mean) he's playing. That's what our preparation has got to be. He can distribute the ball. He makes everybody around him so much better. He understands Mike's (Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy) offense. He gets him into the best plays. It's fun to watch him as a coach, stand over Johnny Manziel Elite Jersey the ball and look and try to dissect what you're trying to do defensively. Then once that ball snaps, he's got the ability to extend plays. He's got such a quick release. He will be a big challenge for us on Sunday."


McCarthy, however, remained noncommittal on Wednesday, when questioned about Rodgers' potential availability.


What about the Packers' flagging defense?


"I know they've had some guys that have missed time, some of it significant time. Dom Capers is one of the best defensive coordinators in the history of the NFL," said Smith, a former defensive coordinator. "He's so unique in terms of his game planning, and each game plan is a little bit different. I still believe Johnny Manziel Limited Jersey that on the defensive side it comes down to winning the line of scrimmage and tackling well. You have to tackle well and not give up big plays. Just like our defense, we have not done a good job nflraidersofficial.com/Nike-Dave-Casper-Jersey.html tackling, nor have we been nearly as efficient as we need to on explosive plays."


At 3 9, the youth movement and an eye toward next season have already begun for the Falcons. At 5 6 1, the Packers cling to playoff hope, for at least one more week.

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NFL Upholds Penalties Against Saints for 2014-Nov-4

NFL Upholds Penalties Against Saints for Bounty Program


(CNN) The National Football League announced Monday it will not overturn the penalty it previously imposed against the New Orleans Saints and members of its coaching staff for the team bounty program.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell did not alter the lengths of the suspensions he had levied last month. But he left open the possibility that fine amounts could be reduced and a draft pick could be restored if Teddy Bridgewater Jersey the team and its coaching staff the opportunity to help develop and implement player safety programs.


The unprecedented punishment was handed down in March after an NFL investigation found the team had an bounty program during the 2009, 2010 and 2011 seasons. During this time, players were purportedly offered payments if they managed to hurt opposing players and knock them out of a game.


The NFL found evidence that bounties were put on quarterbacks Brett Favre of the Minnesota Vikings, Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers, Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers and Kurt Warner of the Arizona Cardinals.


The stiffest penalty that the Derek Carr Authentic Jersey NFL handed down an indefinite ban was given to Gregg Williams, the Saints defensive coordinator who, in this past offseason, moved over to take that same position with the St. Louis Rams.


Head coach Sean Payton suspension for the entire 2012 2013 season will begin April 16, the league said Monday.


General manager Mickey Loomis was suspended without pay for that season first eight regular season games, and assistant head coach Joe Vitt was suspended without pay for the first six regular season games. Their suspensions will begin at the end of the preseason, according to Monday NFL statement.


the conclusion of their suspensions, the commissioner will review the status of each of the three individuals to determine their eligibility for reinstatement, the league said, referring to Payton, Loomis and Vitt.


The team was also fined $500,000 and ordered to forfeit its second round draft picks in 2012 and 2013, the NFL has said. The league added Monday that it may consider the forfeiture of the 2013 draft pick, assuming other conditions are www.nflraidersofficial.com/Nike-Khalil-Mack-Jersey.html met.


Goodell has said he also considering imposing penalties against players involved in the bounty program, but he hasn given a www.officialfootballjaguars.com/Nike-Blake-Bortles-Jersey.html timetable and has Teddy Bridgewater Youth Jersey insisted he first consult with the NFL Players Association before doing so.


In its ruling, the NFL singled out Payton who led the Saints to its first ever Super Bowl victory in February 2010, after a season in which the bounty program was in place by saying that violations for the bounty program compounded by the failure of Coach Payton to supervise the players and coaches. league said that Payton didn look further into the program despite the NFL inquiries about it in 2010 and 2012, (denied) that the program existed and encouraged false denials by instructing assistants to sure our ducks are in a row. public remarks, Payton has not admitted he lied to the NFL and insisted that no Derek Carr Jersey one was injured as a result of the bounty program.


But he did say in late March, shortly after his suspension was announced, that he was in himself and regretted not being more involved in the team defense.

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